A new Publishing at 1x.com

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Something I’m really proud of is publishing my pictures on the photographer platform 1x.com https://1x.com/ralfeyertt. This platform was founded in Stockholm Sweden and is unique in its kind.
Here is an excerpt: 1x.com is an online art gallery for photography and, with more than 150,000 visitors daily, one of the most influential Internet platforms for photography in the world. Here the world’s best photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, showcase their images in the largest curated internet photography art gallery. A visit to 1x.com is therefore always a foray into the state of the art in the international photography industry. Impressive dramatic works of art can be found alongside socially critical photo reports. And the following always applies: a picture says more than 1,000 words. From all submitted works, a team of 11 curators selects the best for publication on the Internet. Anyone who makes it to 1x.com has it in black and white and belongs to the elite of international photography.
I am happy to be one of these photographers who has already been published several times. Even an interview with me was published on this platform. Which doesn’t mean that all of my pictures made it into publication. Some were just too commercial, which is also how I work. But the special ones made it and, as I said, I’m extremely proud of that. The last picture with Vivienne Oesch was selected and was confirmed. Thanks also to the makeup artist Dana Jokic, who also has a decisive influence on the image effect.
Here is the picture in question and also the link to the interview: